Thursday, May 26, 2016

Back to reading books after a long gap.


Its been long time I didn't get a chance to make a post at this blog. It's because I didn't get a chance to read a book these days. Now I'm looking forward to purchase some new book and then I'll post the reviews here. I'd like to seek your help and request you to share name of book that you'd like to recommend.

Don't know but soon my book shelve will be decorted again. Time for dusting now :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Download unlimited books with Forgotten Books

Do you love reading books over your ipad, kindle or any other windows or android based book reader? Where d o you purchase and download the eBooks?

Reason I am asking you these question is that today I am going to introduce you to a new eBook portal that is a wonderful resource for anyone who loves to read book. The portal name is Forgotten Books and the URL is At this site you can find thousands of eBooks available for download, you can download up to 5 eBooks for free after you've downloaded 5 free eBook, you can choose from some very exciting membership plans. Best thing is that the membership plan are not monthly payment plan but onetime payment plans and you can enjoy a fixed number of monthly downloads every month. Take a look at the membership plans here . Depending upon your reading capacity you can choose a plan that can allow you to download from 10 to 1000 books every month, that just for a onetime payment ranging from $49.95 to $109.95.

Best thing about the site is that all the books are organized into different categories so you can easily select and download the book you want to download according to your choice like fiction, drama, poetry, religion, biographies etc. There are lots of categories and sub categories for easy navigation. You can also choose the search function to find the book you might be looking to read from some time.

A forgotten book aims to put 1,000,000 books in the site so there’s an assurance that you’ll get full value for your money.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Wine Region of Rioja by Ana Fabiano

This Book beautifully shows a portrait of the wine region of Spain: Rioja. It has a lot of pictures and maps which make it a very interesting and exciting read. It gives a perfect overview and takes readers on an amazing journey through Rioja region’s hills, valleys, new and old vineyards, towns and wines. The Book explains the region’s rich history, culture, heritage and future. It is a must read for people planning to travel to Spain or already who have traveled there. It amazingly features food and wine suggestions which are of great help and important to interested people.

“The Wine Region of Rioja” is the best book on Rioja wines to date. It clearly distinguishes the old world and new world of wines. It is the first book to capture the spirit of the wine region Rioja with such a breath taking experience. It interestingly reveals two Riojas: one present in a glorious past and the other undergoing a modern renaissance.

This area has a long tradition of wine making and especially wine ageing. You can mistake Rioja being in the Old World but it surprises one with its new ways. The region’s cutting-edge architecture is a very obvious and visible sign for this. Ana Fabiano’s “The Wine Region of Rioja” captures the power of this northern Spanish wine region that holds on to its tradition but dares to step into and incorporate the future. Further Flipping through the pages of this comprehensive tome makes one very nostalgic for the local highlights. For anyone travelling through Rioja, this book would be his good friend by giving him a clear overview of the geography, grape varieties, historic styles and wine types. The best wine in the area is a bottle of Bodegas Fernando Remirez de Ganuza Gran Reserva and the capital of Rioja is Logro ño.

A section could have been added about the stunning space-age architecture that blends so well with the ancient landscape and wineries. Overall, this book is perfect for anyone who wants to understand Spain’s wine region. Ms. Fabiano has done a good job by her vast knowledge. She has learned the Rioja’s best secrets and revealed them all in this book which excites the crowd.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game: Review by Jatin Arora

Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game was novel authored by Tilly Bagshawe in 2009 as follow up of the critically acclaimed novel by Sidney Sheldon “Master of the Game”. Bestseller, much admired and trendy in 1982 the novel was worth to be renewed its essence with generation of today. This was accomplished by Tilly in her sequel to Master of the Game.

With lashing arguments over the worthiness and necessity of the sequel, Tilly Bagshawe still successfully famed her work in the heart of readers all over the world. As the word sequel suggest wholly, Mistress of the Game follows the story of powerful revenge, betrayal, lust, manipulation and lifelong conflicts between America’s royal family extends to their kids.
Reading a novel asks nothing but asks a lot sometime. Desire of reading, ability to read and determination of reading are must to read a novel. Sheldon’s novels are an artwork of imaginative and pragmatic writing, distinctive from the other world. But his works were not just stories, they derision the word novel and becomes EPICS. Thus, extending the epics was debatable over the skills and ability of the one who tries to follow it. Tilly bagshawe received both the fame and name of being a writer who follow up Sheldon’s work.
This tale is put in the picture in a flashback alike Master of the Game.

The design begins on the interment of powerful Kate Blackwell, who has departed this life at 92. In the scene Alexandra and her twin sister (Granddaughters to Kate Blackwell) had distinctive emotions of sorrow and silent happiness respectively. Alexander has a baby after she was married to Peter Templeton and is heavy with child, while Eve is married to Keith Webster and is also pregnant.

Alexandra dies after delivering a sweet little queen of Templetons and Blackwells. Peter and Robbie his son were in despair, while Peter named their sister “Alexandra” after he found her looking alike his wife. Alexandra and Eve were identical twins but could never share the love they got, smile they have and the beauty they lived with. It is implied that her companion, mousy plastic surgeon Keith Webster, hasn't fixed her ugly face and is constantly aware of the photographers hitting outside to take a photograph of her face. While Eve planned to get rid of the Templetons and make her child the next successor of Kruger-Brent Limited.

The story begins and ends with the competition between the
families to win over the Kruger Bent Limited and thus win over each other
Eve’s child and Lexi (Alexandra) compete for all their lives for the empire, after Robbie decides to leave the prestigious and magnificent life of being a Blackwell child. And he turns out to be a homosexual. Max grows in a different environment compared to Lexi. While she has a family that adores her, Eve channels her hatred and obsession to her son. Eve, furious that Keith marred her face so that she would never leave him, convinces her son to secretly loathe his father as well, and in the process, hate the Templetons as he grows up.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Procurement books review 3: corporation procurement exposed

Welcome to third and final part of the procurement books review. In this part we will show you an overview of corporation procurement exposed. CPE or corporation procurement exposed is another book by Headexposed that focus on corporate procurement.

Large corporations also procure products and services from small businesses. This is already common practice because they want to save on costs in manufacturing. Of course, corporation procurement also needs certain requirements for a small company like yours to win that contract. If done right, this can be a very lucrative venture for entrepreneurs like you. When these requirements are delivered as promised and as specified, then surely, the small company will gain more out of the venture. Large corporations in the US and the rest of the world have certain standards that small companies have to take note of. This is to maintain the consistency that the corporation wants to deliver to its loyal consumers. To help business owners like you in this endeavor, you have to know what strategies and techniques have to be done. It is not easy to get complete access to this type of business venture. There are many incomplete corporate procurement guides out there right now. Corporate procurement is a very competitive field of entrepreneurship. And because of so many other small businesses that want to have a go at corporate procurement, it should only be expected that it won’t be easy to win contracts all the time. But even so, you should not lose focus in delivering the best that your company could deliver.

It is not a secret that there are documents that have to be secured and strategies that have to be learned for a small company to provide services and products to a corporation. And through the tips in Corporation Procurement Exposed, any business owner could easily be a partner in a corporation’s success. This is a cleverly-written eBook that gives every bit of basic information that small, striving businesses need to engage in corporation procurement.

In Corporation Procurement Exposed, the valuable techniques and strategies are given focus. Examples of corporation procurement strategies are provided for the reader to appreciate. It is always intimidating to even think that a starting company could serve a large corporation. But if the necessary steps are done, surely, the contract can be won. Everything starts with a bid. If the product or service is of good quality and quantity with the reasonable price and delivered on time, then it is just appropriate for the small business to be contracted. Corporation Procurement Exposed makes sure that the small business owner gets a clear picture of what a good bid proposal is, what the benefits of winning the corporation contract are, and what your success in this field could give your company in the future.

Daunting is one word to describe corporation procurement. But like every other challenge or trial, this can be overcome. All you have to do is get have the right source of information in every step that you take. Corporation Procurement Exposed is one of the most comprehensive sources of corporate procurement data that you could get your hands on. It is really a must-have if you want to be well-versed in the language of corporate procurement. If you want to have the edge in corporate procurement, you have to make the right decisions. Corporation Procurement Exposed is the complete guide that you must gain access to for you to secure that corporate contract.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Procurement books review 2: Government procurement exposed

This is the second part of the series of Procurement book review. In the first part we reviewed about ebook written by Nelson Nigel of titled "Women and minorities procurement opportunities exposed". You can read the review at Procurement books review –1: women & minorities procurement opportunities exposed.

In this post we are going to review another great book related to procurement titled "Government Procurement Exposed".

Doing business with the United States government has often brought uncertainty and fear to small businesses. Government procurement has always been known to be a very challenging and intimidating. This is mostly because of the taxing and exhaustive requirements in entering this seemingly very complicated world. Many small entrepreneurs like you think twice in investing time and resources in the field of public procurement. If you are one of those who want to have a go at providing products and services to the government, then you should be well-versed with the language of the trade.

There is no better guide to government procurement success than Government Procurement Exposed. This eBook is the one of the most reliable references when it comes to making it in this kind of business. With this eBook, you will find federal procurement as a very feasible venture. It is only natural for you to search for the best possible arm to help you with what you need especially in starting out with the bid. Winning that federal contract will be the opportunity of a lifetime for you and for your business.

The first thing that Government Procurement Exposed will give you is the beginning of the US government’s procurement efforts. It is a very good start for the readers because this enables you to have a good grasp of the benefits that the government obtained from procuring from small businesses especially during the Civil War. Through federal procurement the basic necessities of the government agencies were supplied to make sure that the government’s activities then would not stop. Government Procurement Exposed also gives you a look at how certain small businesses back then have really cheated the government in terms of providing low-quality products and services while being paid correctly.

Government Procurement Exposed is certainly one comprehensive eBook that could help you achieve a stable footing for your business. The only thing that’s missing from this well-written federal procurement eBook is that it doesn’t give you up-to-date government procurement opportunities that you could further look into and bid for. It is not a secret that the US government allots a hefty amount from the national budget just to accommodate small entrepreneurs. Various agencies need small businesses to push through with their projects. Sadly, Government Procurement Exposed does not provide you with the available bids that you need to review.

Even if Government Procurement Exposed is just a primer of things about federal procurement, It is a simple, straight-to-the-point piece that really aims to guide the beginner government procurement specialist in you. Government Procurement Exposed helps the beginner understand what government procurement is all about, especially when it comes to the necessary documents and registration that you would have to complete.

It may be too overwhelming at first to even think that your company would have to undergo all those processes named in Government Procurement Exposed. But through this guide, you will realize that you just have to perform well so there will be a bigger chance at winning the contract and in securing future projects with that particular government agency.

For more procurement books visit

Friday, March 2, 2012

Procurement books review –1: women & minorities procurement opportunities exposed

This is first part of the procurement books review. This post is about the ebook "women and minorities procurement opportunities exposed" by Nelson Nigel of Headexposed

As you may well know, decades of rampant discrimination towards women and minorities have denied so many people of equal rights and opportunities, especially when it comes to starting a business. In the US, women and certain minorities found it difficult to gain work and economic stability. This was because of years of social stigma. Women were always seen as weak and should only be in their home to keep it clean and take care of the children. Minorities were not welcomed and were categorized as those who should not be given an equal chance in economic growth in a foreign land.

For the longest time, women have experienced the inability to vote, study, and work. This was thought to have already been eradicated through the combined efforts of many individuals throughout history. Nowadays, having that coveted break to earn should be freely available to all women but sadly, there are still cases where they are not able to hold this opportunity in their hands. The same thing happens to some members of the minority as well. Racial discrimination is still rampant in some areas of the country and this is one of the main reasons why minorities are denied of business, fair pay, and work opportunities. These should not happen at all, especially at this day and age.

Equality should be present at all times in “the land of the free” and this is given much focus by Women and Minorities Procurement Opportunities Exposed. It is only proper for everyone to be given that certain amount of self-worth and that strong foothold in economics. The morale should be maintained or increased at best. When women and minorities are given work or given enough help in entrepreneurship, they could be instrumental in the discovery or the start of something innovative or something that could make a great difference.

Women and Minorities Procurement Opportunities Exposed is the most comprehensive eBook that could help anyone who would want to engage in the procurement business. The well-written eBook contains everything that women and members of minority need to have that government or corporate contract. Engaging in business with the government or a large corporation can be very lucrative for any small business and this eBook provides all the needed basic steps and information that women and members of the minority need to establish their names in the procurement world.

If you are one of the fresh starters in the world of procurement right now and it just so happens that you are an American member of the minority or a woman at that, Women and Minorities Procurement Opportunities Exposed can help you move forward. It is never too late for economic independence. If you know that you have the potential to achieve this, then Women and Minorities Procurement Opportunities Exposed is the perfect aide to do so.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Christmas Train, David Baldacci

The Christmas Train by David Baldacci is an interesting book about the journey of journalist Tom Langdon from Washington D.C. to L.A during Christmas. Since Tom has to take two trains to reach LA, The author has interestingly divided the book in two section, thus each section covers both train ride.

Tom decides to celebrate Christmas with his girl friend but since he has been from flying he is left with no option bu to take the train route. During the travel he meets some very interesting characters like a bartender, a retired priest, a young couple and his ex-girlfriend as well.

Book catches interest slowly and slowly. I must say that the first half is a little bit slow more like introduction of the characters an the second half is exciting.

I am planiing to get more books written by David and post the reviews soon. In case you like The Christmas Train, here is a list of other books by Davi Baldacci:

  • Absolute Power
  • Cahills Vs. Vespers
  • The Camel Club
  • The Christmas Train
  • The Collectors
  • Deliver Us from Evil
  • Divine Justice
  • First Family
  • Hell's Corner
  • Hour Game
  • Last Man Standing
  • The Mighty Johns and Other Stories
  • One Summer
  • Saving Faith
  • Simple Genius
  • The Simple Truth
  • The Sixth Man
  • Split Second
  • Stone Cold
  • Total Control
  • True Blue
  • The Whole Truth
  • The Winner
  • Wish You Well
  • Zero Day

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ground Beneath Her Feet - Salman Rushdie

Ground Beneath Her Feet is the sixth novel by Salman Rushdie. This novel was published in 1999-200. Interestingly a crowd of more than 500 people gathered on May 10th, 1999 for attending a reading and book signing by Rushdie.

Book is mainly reinterpretation of Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice by Salman Rushdie where rock music replaces Orpheus' lyre. Though novel in set in fictional world it somehow goes parallel to our real world. Book contains heavy dose of rock and roll, sex, drugs & mythology. Characters can be related to and seem to be heavily inspired by real life person like American president John F. Kennedy, John Lennon, Elvis Presley etc.

The story may not be compelling but The Ground Beneath Her Feet is certainly one of the most determined and proficient novel by Salman Rushdie. No doubt this surely be considered as his masterpiece.

This is a book that can get mix views from readers however you can take a look at review at Book Browse

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A walk to remember - Nicholas Spark – Review by Tamanna Sahib

A story of young teenagers the Landon and Jamie who fall in love with each other but every author has his own way to lead the story so that the story touched to the hearts of their readers the same thing has happened with this novel not only touched the hearts of the readers but also describe in very beautiful manner.

In this novel the author describe about the love………………. when Landon called Jamie for the dance and Jamie asked to play a role of Tom Thornton (A play in which a father came to know how much he loved his daughter after missing his wife) ……….

Story continues about their meeting in a school and home about the play where they get closer. When Landon told her about his love to Jamie where he came to know that Jamie was suffering from leukemia. Now he could understand why she said to do a play and gifted him a bible? Everything was cleared to him but he was not able to understand what he could do more to make her happy? What he has done and what Jamie brought to his life? The Novel “A walk to remember” is all about this.

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