Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kamasutra ebook free download - Kama Sutra Ebooks

Kamasutra is an ancient book and despite being the most oldest book this book is known equally in different parts of the world. Be it teenager, young people or older one 99% chances are that they must have heard of the book, if not read that. You can realise the popularity and reach of the book from the fact that this book has been translated in more than 100 international languages ( its originally writeen in ancient Indian language SANSKRIT).

The word ''Kama'' means sexual intrest and ''sutra'' means tricks. Kamasutra is a book mainly on sex education but it also covers other topics how to live happily and have healthy relationships. Book explains various sex positions for both men and women for satisfying sexual pleasure.

Apart from physical pleasure book also explains sensitive areas of human and how one can enjoy without or less physical contact. Book in no doubt can help readers in getting maximum sexul pleasure.

One thing more important that this is a well written book that contain no vulgarity despite the topic being sex.


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